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Should You Take Your Company on a Private Fishing Charter?

It should come as no surprise that companies function at their best when employees are happy and willing to work as a team. Private fishing charters are great for boosting employee morale, promoting teamwork and communication, and injecting fun into the hectic modern workplace. Taking your team on a private charter will give you the opportunity to build your team’s chemistry outside of a work environment while enjoying some of the beautiful scenery found in New Zealand’s Southern Lakes region.

The experts at Queenstown Fishing have decades of experience fishing the alpine waters of Lake Wakatipu and its surrounding rivers and streams. Our guides can take you out on the boat, teach you the tips and tricks earned over years of fishing, and show you the best fishing spots for trout, salmon, and more. This list will describe several reasons why you should consider booking a company fishing trip!

Promote Teamwork

Taking your team or department on a fishing trip is an excellent opportunity to develop critical teamwork skills. Trolling and hooking big trout are demanding tasks. Encouraging each other, even providing physical assistance on a difficult catch, helps even beginner anglers learn to work together as a team. With one of our private fishing charters, our experts will work extra hard to promote the teamwork that is so crucial to both catching fish and the success of your business.

Learning new skills and seeing a task accomplished in different ways is also another benefit to teams who want to grow together. While angling for trout and salmon is always a good time, even beyond that we will be helping your crew add new dimensions to their teamwork.

Boost Morale

Boosting employee morale is an essential element of business success. Unhappy workers are less productive and contribute to a higher employee turnover rate. Studies show that employee morale is linked to improved productivity. Employees do better when they feel engaged and happy with their work, so a private fishing charter is the perfect getaway to help your team feel appreciated and happy to enjoy spending time with their coworkers.

Foster Communication and Camaraderie

It’s easy to fall into a workplace routine and not truly get to know your colleagues. Visiting a relaxed environment outside of the workplace is a way to get to know one another without the pressures of everyday work bearing down on you. A fishing trip to the stunning scenery of Lake Wakatipu or around the storied Queenstown area can help foster communication by making everyone feel important and at ease.

Best of all, there’s no need to break the bank or have a high amount of skills, making it less likely you will embarrass yourself when performing a skilled activity with friends. To get started fishing, all you need is some borrowed supplies and plenty of time and patience.

Charter Success

The benefits of a company fishing trip out on the water is a powerful strategy to strengthen intercompany bonds. Booking a private fishing charter with Queenstown Fishing sets you up for a memorable and invigorating outdoors adventure. Even if your workers have never fished before in their lives, our guides are experienced in training beginners, and we’ll share some laughs and refreshments as your team builds morale and motivation. Why wait? Consider setting up a fishing charter for your team today!