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The Many Reasons to Go Soft Bait Fishing

Anglers never need an excuse to go fishing, but there are always reasons to try one style over another. Maybe you just want to go on a quiet, affordable fishing trip with friends or family. If you’re on vacation or camping out, taking a boat to do some downrigger trolling might fit the bill. Or, maybe, instead, you want to go with the classic and cast some lines from the dock or shore with a blanket on the beach. All of these are great options, especially if you’re fishing the alpine lakes and rivers of the Southern Lakes region. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful fishing backdrops in the world, so anglers always have a scenic option.

Soft bait is a popular choice among experienced anglers, although there is always another “bait”: the debate between hard bait fishing and soft bait fishing! Each has its own purpose, and everyone has their preferences and their own experiences. This article discusses some of the pros of soft bait fishing: fishing manueverability, cost, and types of fish, as well as how a fishing charter can help you answer these questions and catch some fish!

Soft Bait Fishing

If you’ve never heard of soft bait fishing, perk up because you’re in for a real treat! “Soft baits” are, as you can imagine, the softest baits that you can buy, such as plastic worms. These baits are soft and pliable, granting your fishing manueverability and adaptability. They’re small, light, easy to pack in with your gear, and cheaper than hard baits, making them a key component of any affordable fishing kit.

One of the main soft bait fishing perks is that they are flexible, both literally and figuratively, making them an ideal choice for any situation.

Plastic worms and similar soft baits are easier to cast near docks and weed beds and even sunken tree limbs without getting snagged. They land quietly, and so they work well for the quieter lakes and rivers where you want to try to minimize noise. These are colourful little worms, and many come in various scents or shapes designed to attract specific kinds of fish.

You can also rig a soft bait without a weight, letting it float on the surface, or you can rig it without the tail fin, rendering it virtually weedless (that is to say that it doesn’t catch weeds nearly as much as hard baits).

The Great De-Bait

Is soft bait fishing “better” than hard bait fishing? There really is no right answer to that question. Each kind of bait is suited to a different style, so the honest answer is whichever best meets your needs when fishing. Manueverability may be the most important feature if you’re out among the reeds or want to catch the swift river fish. Sometimes expense is no obstacle, or maybe you want to go with what’s affordable. Fishing is really all about what makes you happiest when you’re out on the water. If the soft bait fishing perks appeal to you, go with soft baits, but if you like the advantages of hard baits, such as catching larger fish, you can’t go wrong.

Every angler has their preferred tools, methods, and techniques to swear by, and we guarantee that as you get your experience reeling in catches, you’ll develop your own, too!

Landing a Catch

Soft baits appeal to a wide range of species, but you can expect to catch trout, salmon, smelt, perch, and more. Another of the many soft bait fishing perks is that it is especially effective for river and lake fishing, where you often do sight-casting and maneuver around natural obstacles.

Charting a Course to a Catch

Fishing charters are a great way to answer questions about soft or hard bait fishing. On a shared or private charter, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced anglers who know the area and have developed techniques to land more of those fighting fins. Queenstown Fishing guides have decades of experience on the alpine waters of the Southern Lakes region. We’ve fished the docks, the weeds, the rivers, and every bit of the gorgeous lakes that fill the region.

We provide equipment, training, and refreshments that make fishing charters great for both newcomers and seasoned casters. Charters are a perfect getaway for families or work groups. Our pros are skilled enough to tackle any questions you may have about soft or hard bait fishing, downrigger styles, fish species to catch, and we offer affordable fishing packages. Taking out a charter can be a fantastic way to learn, catch some fish, and entertain a group.

Keep in mind that we have extras available, such as on-boat BBQs, drift boat fishing, apparel, and more. Whatever your needs, Queenstown Fishing can enhance your fishing experience in a variety of ways, and we’re always happy to help newer anglers reel in a great time.

How We Can Help

Queenstown Fishing is the best fishing team in the Southern Lakes. Come fish with us while surrounded by beautiful mountains and breathtaking vistas. We can take you on a tour of the many connected rivers and show you some of our favourite fishing hot spots. To us, fishing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, and we want to share it with you.

Contact us, and we can help you plan the ultimate fishing trip today. Our charters are second to none because we know just how much a great fishing trip can impact anglers, new and old. With our variety of services, expert guides, and deep knowledge of the alpine waters of New Zealand, Queenstown Fishing is your best bet for making the most of every cast.