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Where to Go Fishing in New Zealand?

New Zealand fishing is some of the best in the world. With the right guides to show you where to fish in beautiful settings like the alpine lakes and rivers of the Southern Islands, you can go from amateur to experienced angler in the course of an afternoon! Queenstown Fishing offers Lake Wakatipu fishing charters for families and companies to explore this natural feature’s beauty and prime fishing. Whether you need advanced tips and tricks for fishing, basic advice, or somewhere in between, Queenstown Fishing has the knowledge and the expert guides to show you how to make the most of Lake Wakatipu’s bounty.

The Southern Islands and the alpine lakes are gorgeous and teeming with fish. The finest New Zealand fishing happens here, and we invite you to join us and see what it means to be an alpine angler!

Lures, Lines, Laughs, and Lake Wakatipu

What makes Lake Wakatipu fishing charters so special? We think it’s the lake itself. Beautiful, blue, and deep, Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand’s longest lake, and one of its largest overall. That means more fish for the enthusiastic angler! What could be better than fishing in the sparkling waves while surrounded by scenic mountains? Maybe it could be catching some fish! That sweet New Zealand fishing is what Queenstown Fishing is all about. We know how much fun it is to land that fighter you have been looking for!

Everyone can find something to enjoy on Lake Wakatipu. Fishing charters can accommodate a work retreat, serve as a team-building activity and inspirational event. Sharing a good time on the water with some downriggers, delicious refreshments, and our expert guides can help bring a team together. Especially if you work in an office, getting out into the fresh air and gleaming waves to catch some fish is the perfect way to destress and stretch.

Our charters are great for family gatherings, too! You can make a lifetime of memories with a single evening on our boats, full of pictures, family bonding, and fishing! Basic activities or even holidays take on a whole new life when you’re surrounded by such natural beauty and sharing it with your family and friends. Throw out some lines while we BBQ some great food, catch some trout, and enjoy everything Lake Wakatipu has to offer.

Benefits of a Fishing Charter

Queenstown Fishing offers incredible Lake Wakatipu fishing charters, but what are the benefits? Why should you troll the water with us? Lake Wakatipu is world-famous for its trout fishing, and for good reason. If you want to know where to fish for quality catches, this is the place for you. We can show you the best fishing spots across the lake and the rivers and creeks connecting it. The atmosphere is peaceful and friendly, making this the perfect stress-free getaway.

Our guides are the best experts in the South Island region, with decades of experience between them and intimate knowledge of the best New Zealand fishing. You can have some drinks and food and relax while knowing that you’re in their capable hands. If you want to learn more than just the fishing basics, or if you need to start at the beginner level, Queenstown Fishing guides are well-equipped to help you on your way.

Why waste precious time trying to find where the fish are biting or getting your boat to the lake and deployed? Queenstown Fishing has everything you need, including the map to those spots where the fish are really biting. We’ll bring refreshments and equipment, and provide you with the training to tackle those trout! All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn from more experienced anglers. We guarantee you will have a great time while becoming a better angler, and you can keep your catch!

What to Expect

When you book a New Zealand fishing charter with Queenstown Fishing, we provide you with most of the fishing basics. We’ll even show you where to fish. Gear, including the actual fishing equipment, will be provided. We’ll also bring refreshments, except for alcohol, which you must bring yourself (although we always encourage responsible drinking).

What you need to bring and count on are things suitable for the weather you will face. In summer, a hat, lots of sunblock, and sunglasses can make the whole trip much easier to manage. You might also consider umbrellas for the shade. In winter, bring warm clothes, gloves, and a jacket; you will still want a hat and sunglasses. Gorgeous as it is, Lake Wakatipu still reflects a lot of light and warmth off the water, so you need to ensure you’re protected.

Our shared and private charters have two and three-hour offerings, while our private charters go up to six hours. We’re always happy to stay longer, if our schedule allows, because we know the call of that New Zealand fishing—it’s just as irresistible as the lures you will use!

We also recommend bringing a camera or your phone to take pictures, because you’ll want to after seeing how lovely all this can be.

Get Ready to Catch a Good Time

Fishing is a favourite hobby for so many of us that it’s become almost a lifestyle unto itself. Whether you’re starting something new or returning to a favourite fishing spot, we welcome you to the most scenic place in New Zealand. A basic fishing education or experienced angler refresher is awaiting you just a phone call away! Please make sure that your fishing license is up to date before booking with us, and we’ll handle the rest. Otherwise, all you have to bring is your enthusiasm for the sport.

We give you the knowledge and the training. You give us the chance to prove to you just how much we love angling and how our expert guides can transform your entire fishing game for the better.